What would I say to an unbeliever?

What would I say to an unbeliever?
maybe through this invitation for this group,that believers and
nonbelievers begin a disscussion about that.
I´ve never make a secret about my faith, but I say it in testimony.
I became christian in 1995 and since this time I have experiences in
different ways. You can read it in my book “ Jetzt erst Recht!“.
For examples that friends and colleagues are asking me and they made
their own experiences with the Lord and confessed.
I love to read the Bible and its one of my favourite books, but I don´t
belong to these christians,which make their decision cause it is written
in a book.
It is the word of God for me ( myself).
If I want to know a person, a report can be helpful,but it is more
important to talk with this person and a personally talk with God is
I met a lot of “ bookchristians“ in my life,since I´m christian. They
know a lot of theory,but! they haven´t kowledge , I don´t pass a
judgment on them , but they fail in the storms in their lifes and left
God; and others treat unbelievers unkindness.
A relationship with God is a relationship in love and based on mutuality.
In my deepest need and despairation I hold on the word of God. It´s more
than just letters.
Imagine: we´re in love with someone and he / she writes us very nice and
kind letters,but you will never meet her / him, are you happy or
satisfied with this situation?
God will meeting us and spending time with us.
For sure,christians have their own experiences with God; situations are
changed with him. I´ve been tolding this for unbelieveres as a testmony.
The reaction from the people are different; some don´t disapproving,
some are asking over and over, others smile at,and very less don´t want
to know about it.
I´m going on continue giving testimonies and praying with people I will


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